About Us

The Russo Family (Tony & Kathleen and their children Michael, Anna-Marie, Patricia, and John) have owned and operated Russo's Books since 1989.  In that time, the company has grown and flouished to become Bakersfield's premier independent bookstore.

Remaining true to their roots, Russo's Books mission statement is to "...provide exceptional customer service. We value the importance of family and education and will actively support both within our community."

To maintain the high-level of service one would expect from a hometown bookstore, Russo's employs an experienced booklovers who enjoy recommending a good book almost as much as reading one. Where we once had four in-town retail locations, we now sell out of our showroom. We still have hundreds of new releases, bestsellers, and local books in-stock, but primarily we special order titles ... we can obtain over 2 million titles in as little as a day ... always at a discount.

The Russo's are on-site every day ... they welcome your comments and suggestions, and thank you for supporting your local bookstore.

If you have a question or suggestion, call us at 661-665-4686. Thank you for shopping local at Russo's Books!!!