Around the World Twice (Paperback)

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Ashley is a successful half Black-half Latina female living a glamorous lifestyle of a Hollywood movie star, or so it would seem, if you re on the outside looking in. Truth is, she is tired of failed relationships and is fearful of being alone. She struggles to find love and begins to question herself. Lilian cashed in on the normal life of a housewife early, marrying the guy all the girls wanted back in high school, house, white picket fence, etc...she was living the American Dream. Her dream life soon becomes one that resembles a nightmare, leaving her vulnerable. After an invitation and a lot of persuasion from her friend Ashley, Lillian decides to leave the security of her long time home in New York and move to Los Angeles. It is there that she realizes maybe she has more in her life to change than she may have initially thought. Around The World Twice is a story about two best friends whose lives are synonymous, despite the different social circles they traveled in. It is a story.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780982944202
ISBN-10: 0982944209
Publisher: New Quality Publishing
Publication Date: August 21st, 2010
Pages: 232
Language: English