One Smart Antelope: The Power of being Average (Paperback)

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One Smart Antelope- The Power of being Average, is a journey through life as observed through the eyes of an average human traveling near the middle of the pack of life. While wanting to be exceptional, I yet strangely find myself empowered and even fulfilled by being quite average Finding ourselves at the middle of the pack in life is usually a mid-life discovery. Seldom do we start out with that as our goal and aspiration. All of my life I have discovered that I'm usually not the best at whatever endeavor I have embarked on...however, I too have found that I am usually far from the worst as well. I discovered great joy in my life with the realization that I can not only be very comfortable in my average skin, it can also be very empowering Rip open your jacket with me to reveal the large "A" for average on your own chest, superman or superwoman Then stick that chest out proudly and begin your own average adventure.

About the Author

By day, I find myself working fifty hours a week in an industry that couldn't be further from my passion of writing! I manage a battery store, and lift heavy batteries all day. I reside in the Central Valley of California with my wife Brenda whom I have been married to for thirty three years. We have three adult boys, and as yet we are avoiding the "grand-parents" label even though when the time comes we will love it! I have been writing poetry and short articles since childhood. As a six foot three athlete, I found it really hard to share my passion for writing with my jock buddies after a pick-up basketball game! However, constantly encouraged by my family, especially one really cool late uncle who was the "family" poet, I started sharing my work at this later time in my life. After uncle Lloyd passed away a few years ago, I not only found myself writing more, I realized that he made it "cool" to share my work as well. One smart Antelope is my take on life. How I have navigated the twists and turns, the up's and downs, to find myself a very blessed, happy person. One smart Antelope is not a study about the animal! It is a study on the human behavior of herding, on avoiding the lions, and living a long effective life. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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ISBN: 9781507755693
ISBN-10: 1507755694
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: January 27th, 2015
Pages: 104
Language: English