The Executive's Guide to Innovation: A Creative Primer and Playbook for Busy Businesspeople (Paperback)

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Innovation*

(*But Were Afraid to Ask)

Welcome to the innovation economy Nowadays, innovation and creativity have become buzzwords-everyone in business talks the innovation talk. But why do only a few organizations in each industry genuinely walk their talk and deliver meaningful wow innovations repeatedly?

One reason is that many busy businesspeople lack the time to acquire the know-how needed to lead and master innovation. But what if you had an easy-to-read guidebook that discusses the key concepts related to creativity and innovation in an entertaining way? Look no further.

In THE EXECUTIVE'S GUIDE TO INNOVATION, Dr. Detlef Reis (founder of the innovation know-how company Thinkergy) looks at the modern innovation world through different frames of references, and at different scales. The book explains classic and more recent innovation know-how while scaling up and down between the small pictures, the big picture, and the grand picture of innovation.

In the book, you will learn about:

  • The Innovation Environment: What high-level factors drive innovation nowadays?
  • Core Innovation Principles: What key concepts do you need to understand to get into the game?
  • The Innovation Rules: Why do only a few succeed in the innovation game?
  • Innovation Process & Tools: How to better go through an innovation project with a team?
  • Innovative People: Who can contribute in what ways to your innovation initiatives?
  • Innovation Culture: How can you evolve your culture to support innovation and change?
  • Creative Leadership: How to develop authentic creative leaders to spearhead innovation?
  • An Innovation Outlook: In what ways may innovation evolve in the future?

THE EXECUTIVE'S GUIDE TO INNOVATION will give you deeper insights into each of the individual concepts discussed and help you understand how different topics connect. As Steve Jobs noted, "Creativity is just connecting things."

Dr. Reis has organized the book into eight chapters, each containing eight sections. Each of the 64 sections discusses one particular aspect of innovation (such as modern innovation types, open innovation, or the dilemma of innovation management). Each section also features at least one illustration or image and an apt quotation that encapsulates the essence of the discussion in one memorable sentence. In short, THE EXECUTIVE'S GUIDE TO INNOVATION is designed so that you can fit it snugly into your busy schedule. So, enjoy a section or two of the book whenever you have a bit of time, be it at the office, during a busi

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