Cash for Textbooks

Russo's Books has partnered up with PennText to provide you cash for your college textbooks. 

Our PennText buy-back hours are typically Mon-Fri 8am until 4pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm, although you are ENCOURAGED to call in advance to ensure the PennText computer is up and running (it is rare that this is not the case).

We canNOT quote prices over the telephone, so you'll need to bring the books in.  Typically newer editions and high quality books are accepted, oftentimes at prices exceeding the college bookstores' buy-back program.

Telephone: 661-665-4686

Address: 1601 New Stine Road #182 (between Olive Garden & Rosewood Retirement)


Our partner in the buy-back program is PennText.

The PennText Advantage:

  1. Highest wholesale prices paid
  2. No ID required
  3. Cash on the spot
  4. We buy some books without CDs/supplements
  5. No limit on books (titles or quantity)
  6. We buy and recycle tons of old editions