Deacon Ronald "Scotty" Bourne

Ronald “Scotty” Bourne is a Scot, born and bred; a devoted husband; a wild animal trainer; a movie production manager and producer; and, most notably to his friends in Bakersfield, a loving and compassionate deacon.  Although retired, he is still an active part of St. Francis Church.


Russo's Books has the following books IN-STOCK.  Call us at 661-665-4686.

1) The King of Nothing: Story of the heroic king of Scotland Robert the Bruce by Ronald "Scotty" Bourne

2) When I was in Prison ... You Visited Me by Ronald "Scotty" Bourne

3) The Medjugorje Challenge by Joan and Ronald "Scotty" Bourne

4) The Story Behind Medjugorje by Ronald "Scotty" Bourne