Jim Magwood

Hi, I'm Jim Magwood. I was born too many years ago in Vancouver, Canada. I was dragged south across the border by my parents when I was too young to protest and have lived in California the rest of my life.

I entered the military right after High School, then attended college and began a career in business. My military work and forty-five years in various business management positions had me traveling to many parts of the world and I remember well the beauty (as well as the poverty and unrest) of so many places.

I'm married to Gayle and we have five magnificent kids (plus spouses) and bunches of fantastic grand-kids and superb great grand-kids.

I retired early and moved from the city to our quiet country place in Twin Oaks, California. The loudest noises now are the few barking dogs, some howling coyotes, the wandering cattle and a million raucous birds. The rabbits and quail have come to recognize that Shiloh (the ranch) is a sanctuary for them, so they hang around every day looking for handouts.

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Sanction: Today we have a world in chaos. Terrorism is a fact of life. Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781468076226
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - January 19th, 2012

In a world torn apart by chaos and terrorism, a group of powerful men plot to take over control of that world. Who has the ultimate power? Computer hacking, missile attacks, cold-blooded murder and pure evil haunt the world. The fate of the world rests in...whose hands? A story as current as today's news.

Cop: Everyone has certain fears. For some it's the fear of dying - for others, of living. Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781467989114
Published: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform - December 20th, 2011

In Washington, D.C., a terrorist is running rampant burning schools and killing with impunity, threatening the life of the president and seemingly bringing down the government - and no one knows why. Paul Corbin, newly assigned detective, is devoted to living The Job but his struggles trying to live a regular life are causing him to doubt his abilities, and the dark is quickly closing in on him. What is the intention of the terrorist? The police, the Secret Service, FBI and CIA, even foreign intelligence agents are involved yet there are simply no leads to go on. What will it take to stop him?