LOCAL AUTHORS & Bakersfield Bestsellers

LOCAL AUTHORS & Bakersfield Bestsellers 

Russo's Online also features the best from our Kern County authors and books of local interest.
We are always adding authors, and existing authors frequently have new releases, so check back often for the best in Kern County authors.

Kat Martin

Gerald Haslam

Jason Carr

Chris Brewer

Joan Francis

Loren John Presley

George Thomas Clark

Camille Gavin

Don Thompson

Pam Munoz

Brian Welch

Stafford Betty


KORN's Fieldy

Reginal Arvizu

N. L. Belardes

Larry Jay Martin

Allison Crotzer Kimmel

Frank F. Latta 

Jerry Stanley

Harrison Scott

Mark Arax

Mark Martinez

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JoEllen Conger


Arlene Harman

Gerald D. Howze

Felix Adamo

Aliza McCracken


Hal Wygant 

Jeremy Adams


Richard Mallard


Linda Stacey / BCSD

EdF's Buck Owens book


Rick Van Horne

Jim Magwood


Heather James

Shirley Castro

Herb Benham


Judy Salamacha &

Sandy Mittelsteadt


Richard Roux


Rebecca Langston-George

Deacon "Scotty" Bourne

Don Durrett

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Patrick Lencioni

Troy Carrington

Michael Mannia

John Pryor

David Kettler

Ernie Zarra, Ph.D.

Bob Price

more local authors coming ...      
more local authors coming ...