Gerald Dwayne Howze

Gerald Dwayne Howze is a Bakersfield professor. His book "A Golden Jouirnal Orbiting the Rhetoric Galaxy" is a collection of his musings in rhetoric and lingustic persuasion. 

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Gerald’s teaching career spans over 43 years. Developing and discovering his unique educational philosophy and style began taking form at the prestigious private preparatory school located in Ojai, California, namely, the Beast Hill of Happy Valley Boarding School. Teaching assignments at Ventura Community College, Bakersfield Community College, California State University Bakersfield, Bakersfield College, and Taft College have all served to accommodate his passion and expertise for English composition and challenging genres of literature. His new book, ‘A Golden Journey Orbiting the Rhetoric Galaxy - Musings in Rhetoric and Linguistic Persuasion’ in an experience in reading you must keep in your book collection.

Gerald Howze BA, MA, MBA, Author.