Harrison Scott

Harrison Scott's story is one that shows that a single person can make a difference. A day trip up the Grapevine turned into a passion to know more about the area, which led to years of research, which then turned into a very popular and authoritive book. In fact, thanks in large part to his efforts, a portion of Ridge Route has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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RIDGE ROUTE: THE ROAD THAT UNITED CALIFORNIA   BAKERSFIELD BESTSELLER at Russo's Books (2003-2007) Harrison Scott spent 8 years researching the historic mountain pass connecting Bakersfield to Los Angeles. From 1915 to 1933 this "magnus opus" of mountain highway engineering, complete with 697 curves and inclement weather gave Model T's a race for their money. This road conquered the mountain barrier separating northern and southern California and squelched various movements to divide California into two separate states. Along with many historic photos, the book includes information on the 1933 Ridge Alternate (Highway 99) and the current I-5 route.

One of our bestselling local books of all-time.