N. L. Belardes

N.L. Belardes describes himself as "a Chicano writer, artist, photographer, punk, social commentator, hockey player, and all around creative juvenile extraordinaire". His literary vision is to become one of the most prolific writers ever out of California's Southern San Joaquin Valley.

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Songs of the Glue Machines by Nick Belardes IN-STOCK

Lords Part 1 by Nick Belardes  IN-STOCK  BAKERSFIELD BESTSELLER at Russo's Books (2006-07) N. L. Belardes fictionalized account of the infamous "Lords of Bakersfield" scandals of the late 1970s and early 1980s which rocked Central California and in turn the entire nation. It's a story of media and high-profile corruption in a conservative city close to the Hollywood storm.

Ranting Out Loud: Life, Pop Culture & How We Sometimes Don't Get Along Cover Image
By Nicholas Belardes, Bettina Gilois (Foreword by)
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ISBN: 9781633530652
Availability: Out of Print
Published: Mango - September 5th, 2016

In his debut essay collection, Nicholas Belardes uses today's pop culture and self-deprecating humor as a filter for discussing personal stories of family, writing, gender, art, and race. He dives into the Harry Potter play and discusses his cursed childhood home. He tells coming-of-age tales of Dungeons & Dragons and blames Stranger Things for jogging those hilarious memories.

People's History of the Peculiar: A Freak Show of Facts, Random Obsessions and Astounding Truths Cover Image
By Nick Belardes, Caroline Leavitt (Foreword by)
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ISBN: 9781936740833
Published: Viva Editions - April 8th, 2014

Did you know that Thomas Jefferson's grandson was an ax murderer? Do you delight knowing that some dinosaurs were as teeny tiny as hens? Wonder what it's like to live in Hell Town at the End of the World?

Random Obsessions: Trivia You Can't Live Without Cover Image
By Nick Belardes, Brad Listi (Foreword by)
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ISBN: 9781573443609
Published: Viva Editions - August 4th, 2009

Did you know Thomas Jefferson's grandson was an ax murderer? Don't you delight knowing some dinosaurs were teeny tiny as hens? Before buying that plane ticket, don't you NEED to know which exotic islands still have cannibals? Wonder what it's like to live in Hell Town at the End of the World? How about an ailment so surreal it's named after Alice in Wonderland?