Aliza McCracken

Aliza attended the Purchase School of Performing Arts in New York then transferred to University of California at Santa Barbara where she graduated with a degree in Fine Art and a certificate in Visual Communications. She relocated to Bakersfield in 1990.

From Hong Kong to Hollywood, Aliza's art has graced thousands of collectors' walls adding to the high demand of her work and bringing great joy to many people's lives.

Aliza is the recipient of countless prestigious honors including the Artdex International Award, Arts Council Award, SOHO International Award, Art Addiction International Award, United States Congressional Award, Living Legends Award, International Woman of the Year Award and Who's Who in the 21st Century Award.

Aliza's Website -- Click Here
Learn more about Aliza, her books, and her art by visiting her website.

Telephone Russo's Books at 661-665-4686 for in-stock status on the following titles:

(1)  The Art of Kindness  $38.50 paper / $48.50 hard

(2)  Peaceful Moments: Creative Affirmations for Your Heart and Soul   $34.95

(3)  A Season of Miracles   $29.95 paper

(4)  Celebrating a Beautiful Life   $28.95 paper

(5)  Dance of Love   $29.95

(6)  Creative Abundance   $49.95

(7)  Spirit of Joy   $39.95

(8)  Pure Grace  $49.95



Peaceful Moments: Creative Affirmations for Your Heart and Soul

A life-affirming book portraying the beauty of the human spirit.  Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning to find your path, this lovely work may reawaken your creative passions while celebrating peaceful moments everyday.  In this unique creation, Aliza McCracken shares her vibrant collection of art and verse to enrich our beloved community.  As a bonus, it includes journal space to write your thoughts, dreams and reflections.  So give yourself and one another the gift of investing in your creative self!