Books for Schools / Businesses

We want to help schools, churches, non-profits and businesses find real solutions.      

Russo's Books has spent 30+ years giving California book buyers premium service.  We actively interact with our community to provide solutions to all their non-text book needs. 

It is our intention to NOT BE UNDERSOLD when providing books to local schools, non-profits, and businesses ... no coupon needed!  Please let us know what we can do to help you keep your business local.

For best price, call or email rather than ordering online:  Buying books for your class or business? Our books are discounted every day to everyone, but you save even more!  Don't place your order online, instead call us at 661-665-4686 or email us so we can work up a great deal for you.

Using a P.O./Organization's Credit Card?  No problem. Email MICHELE or TONY directly: or call them at 661-665-4686.

Below are just a few of the other "weapons" in our arsenal:

  • Educator, Church, Non-Profit and Business Discounts
  • Quick Turnaround (2 million books in as little as 2 days)
  • Free Bakersfield delivery and free out-of-town drop shipping (on select large orders)
  • Easy billing; great terms.  Russo's gladly accepts P.O.'s
  • Personal Shopper Service / Title Selection Assistance
  • Paperbacks re-bound as hardbacks for school libraries
  • Rebinding textbooks (get extended life out of older textbooks)
  • Non-book purchases, including DVDs and CDs
  • What goes around, comes around ... shopping local keeps more tax dollars in the community to better support our local schools.
  • Hometown service 7 days a week ... even if you are out of the area!


Teachers, librarians, administrators, parents, and home-schoolers:  We can devise a plan which will help you maximize your budget while keeping books in kid's hands!

No cost or obligation ... call Michele or Tony today.  661-665-4686.