Shirley Castro

Shirley Castro is a retired teacher who loves traveling up and down the California and Oregon coasts. She got the inspiration for writing her Pelican book series while standing on the Manhattan Beach pier watching a line of brown pelicans fly by. Shirley has a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and loves sharing her books with children. She and her husband, Ron, live in Bakersfield, CA.

Chris Castro is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist living in Contra Costa County, CA with his wife Allisa and son Jackson. He holds a bachelor’s degree from CSU Bakersfield and a master’s degree from CSU Northridge.

The Pelican Family Counting Book:  Revised Edition Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780979030741
Published: Castro Family Publishing - May 23rd, 2012

In The Pelican Family Counting Book, each cartoon character is added, a page at a time, as they fly over the ocean in search of yummy fish. Each individual cartoon pelican has some unique characteristics, which will be further revealed in future books.

Telly's Story: The Pelican Family Series Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780979030710
Published: Castro Family Publishing - February 21st, 2008

Telly's Story, a hardback book with bright colors, silly cartoon characters and real photographs of Brown Pelicans, explains how Telly and Cat become friends. Some new characters, such as Aunt Melinda Bell and Grandpa Pelican are introduced in this story.

Includes a special science page where children can see an actual-sized pelican egg.

Kelly and the Scarf: The Pelican Family Series Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780979030727
Published: Castro Family Publishing - April 3rd, 2009

This is the story about how Kelly finds a little girl's lost scarf. It includes real photographs of brown pelicans and coastal scenes. It also has a coast bird identification page and a California map page at the end of the story.

Stelly and the Sticky, Gooey Taffy: The Pelican Family Series Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780979030734
Published: Castro Family Publishing - May 16th, 2011

The trouble begins when Stelly picks up a piece of taffy in front of the Sticky, Gooey Taffy Shop. This sticky candy, which gets soft and stringy, trails behind Stelly as she flies, and causes funny (and sometimes annoying) problems to the citizens of Beach Town-- like Grandpa Gustauf, Begonia Bird in the Banana tree, twirling Tammy Tootle, and Mayor Monday.

Delly and the Beach Town Healthy Alphabet Challenge: The Pelican Family Series Cover Image
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ISBN: 9780979030758
Published: Castro Family Publishing - March 8th, 2013

In this, the fifth book in The Pelican Family Series, Delly helps Chef Chauncy encourage the students of Beach Town School to eat healthy fruits and vegetables.

Beautiful full-color photographs of delicious looking fruits and vegetables and the whimsical characters drawn by the series illustrator, Christopher Castro fill the book.